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Development Advisory and Management

Unbiased advice to ensure the success of your business and investments.

Our global insights are key drivers to help our clients make decisions that will achieve the strategic outcomes that matter, from project inception through to operations. We provide an in-depth understanding of how to drive productive innovation and understand change management and provide best practices to our clients to support and deliver the transformation needed to realise sustainable benefits more efficiently across the project lifecycle.


We work in partnership with our clients, providing the necessary knowledge and people required to maximise their return on investment. With our combination of strategic analysis, complete technical capabilities, our focus on global best practice and leading-edge thinking we consistently deliver innovative and sustainable solutions designed to help clients in various sectors save money and time, reduce risks and increase efficiency.


Whether bidding for funding or allocating funds, each business case requires detailed facts and figures that our experts provide by performing assessments and analysis, ensuring nothing is overlooked, including effects of projects on communities, quality of life and the environment.


Our team of award-winning experts ensures clients unlock the full potential of every project by providing sound advice on risk and mitigation tactics. This is achieved by identifying opportunities to improve the value and sustainability of projects, enabling stakeholders to make informed decisions and ensuring confidence in investment projects.

Our Service Areas

         -  Master Planning

          -  Capital Investment Planning

          -  Project Feasibility Study

          -  Commercial Due Diligence

          -  Property Management

          -  Asset Management

          -  Green Building Index (GBI)

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