Cost & Commercial Management

Propelling and securing your commercial interests from start to finish.

  • Propelling Your Commercial Interest


Our commitment to maximising return on investment for our clients is achieved through outcome confidence from day one and helping to establish project viability with a clear and robust baseline. Our team of experts verify the scope definition, identify and understand cost drivers, benchmark estimate costs and schedule it against similar completed projects to identify areas of concern and use industry recognized risk analysis processes to improve confidence in the results. We optimise cost performance at every stage through our proven estimate methodology, scope definition and cost drivers, quality assurance, risk analysis and benchmarking techniques. One key asset is our in-depth market intelligence that ensures safeguarding measures are implemented in a timely manner throughout the project by our team of experts.

  • Securing From Start To Finish


Your commercial agenda will be our primary focus - achieving cost and value targets every step of the way, while managing threats and changes pro-actively. We use well established professional standards and methodologies, industry tools and data as well benchmarking techniques to reflect the current state of projects and market conditions, ensuring confidence in cost estimates and commercial management. Our quality assurance means we drive real value for our clients by providing current and unbiased advice while delivering the right solutions at key project milestone to ensure that the delivery of projects is on time and within budget. 

  • Driving Clear Program Outcomes


We maintain program control and provide ongoing support to enable the  implementation of necessary changes as the program evolves. We assess your program needs and create a framework to accommodate changing scope, risks and opportunities all while maintaining alignment with your key goals.


We work to understand where improvement opportunities lie and craft out the steps needed to realising them. We create and deliver tangible action plans through a fully aligned system that addresses all program challenges including the identifying key performance indicators, detailed program reviews, change and cost control management, earned value management, and integrated schedule and dependency management in a concise manner.


Our Service Areas

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